PRIORITY 2: Pathways to Success

Mentor Growth Programme
Enables local businesses to access free essential business expertise. Does your business need advice on driving sales online, using social media, accessing grants, advice on furloughing staff, or any other challenge in this difficult environment?

The Digi Growth Programme
Can provide your business with vital assistance to get your business operating again. If you need to move your business online and need advice on e-commerce, social media and using video technology, then this programme is for you.

Bid2Win Programme
Offers free business mentoring and specialist workshops in the area of procurement and tender opportunities. If you are a local Lisburn Castlereagh business that is having to diversify and look at new markets, then why not register for this programme to help you be more successful at winning tenders.

SuNSE (Support Network for Social Entrepreneurs)
Supporting existing Lisburn Castlereagh social enterprises and nurturing future social entrepreneurs. Including new social enterprises emerging as a support system during COVID-19.

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Webinar Series: Digi-Growth Programme

Adapting to digital marketing during COVID-19

  • Video Marketing Tips

    How you can use video to promote and market your goods or services during COVID-19 and beyond.
  • Homeworking Set Up

    We share the best way to set up and work from home, including some free productivity, communication and marketing tools.
  • Online Sales / E-commerce

    BEGINNERS: Importance of having an online presence for sales - we share some tips and advice on how to get set up for selling online.

    INTERMEDIATE - You're already selling, but want to sell more: We review key things to consider on your current shop set up and how you can increase sales.
Homeworking set up
Beginner e-commerce
Advanced e-commerce
Video marketing tips

Cyber Security

Overview of Cyber Security and why its important
Cyber Security laws – the legal and compliance landscape
Practical steps that business can take to protect against Cyber Crime
Technical security steps – an introduction to key terms and proactive measures
Current Cyber threat landscape - terminology, current Cyber Security threats, keeping up to date


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